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OPC is open connectivity via open standards. OPC is open connectivity in industrial automation and the enterprise systems that support industry. Interoperability is assured through the creation and maintenance of open standards specifications.
DE OPC SNMP server software supports diagnosis and parameterization of any SNMP devices. Data transfer with these devices is processed by the OPC server using SNMP protocol. The Server provides operators with a real time view of the health of their Ethernet network devices, traffic volume and also network status within the software environment. The SNMP protocol is typically used in the IT networking environment and is useful for diagnosing network problems. SNMP 1.0 is a Server that can interface with any OPC client software.
Application areas for the product
OPC is a worldwide standard for the exchange of data and information between software components.
+   OPC simplifies your automation tasks
  OPC gives you quick and secure access to data and information in any process peripherals
  OPC standardizes and facilitates the operation of communication software
Advantage with DE – Why DE
DE has been the member of OPC Group and understands OPC Standards very well. DE has developed many OPC servers and clients but globally and locally. OPC solutions are provided on UA, DA, AE and many more. We also provide Cross - Standard OPC solutions.
OPC Model :
  What's New?
DE has launched OPC SNMP server for Ethernet device management
  OPC SNMP Server  
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