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FDT (Field Device Tool) technology standardizes the communication interface between field devices and systems. The key feature is its independence from the communication protocol and the software environment of either the device or the hostsystem. FDT allows any device to be accessed from any host through any protocol.
Application areas for the product
  Device DTM development for HART and
+   Reusable Framework to develop DTMs
+   Asset / Device Management
+   Frame Applications
+   Middleware Development
Advantage with DE – Why DE
DE has been the member of FDT Group and understands FDT / DTM Standards very well. DE has supported many customers worldwide in developing device DTMs to support different Fieldbus protocols.
Product features and benefit – Highlights
+   Complete solution for DTM development.
  Supports FDT-Specification 1.2 with
+   Template-based implementation
+   Supports Visual Studio IDE (optionally)
+   AppWizard and self run executable
  Different UI support – Dialogs, Property
sheets, Property pages
  Resource editor to add controls to UIs
including Graph control
+   Device database mapping
+   Supports HART and Profibus PA
+   Self registration
+   Conforms to the FDT DTM Style Guide.
+   Compatible with any standard FDT container
+   Certifiable
  What's New?
DE has come out with DTM framework supporting FDT 1.2 specifications used as a library for Device DTM development
DTMWizard Tool: Faster way to generate Hart and Profibus devices DTM's
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