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   Automotive Electronics
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- Core Competencies
   Industrial Automation
Automotive networking
Automotive Networks
  Automotive Network Protocols:
CAN, LIN, DCX J1850, GM Class 2, Ford UBP & SCP, J1708 and J1939
  Vehicle Diagnostic Protocols:
KWP 2000, ISO 15765, OBDII protocols and J1699
  Multimedia Protocols:
MOST, IDB-1394, Bluetooth and 802.11x
Hardware Development Skills
  Microcontrollers/ Microprocessor:
Motorola MCF5272, MPC5200, 68HC912, PIC16F877 -8-Bit Flash Controller, Intel PXA270,
USB 2.0, CAN, KW2000, Foundation Fieldbus, Ethernet
  Schematics Tools:
Orcad, Matlab, Mentor graphics, Concept HDL (Cadence), PROTEL, PCAD
  PCB Layout Tools:
Protel, Mentor graphics, Allegro, PADS
Embedded Software Development
  Microprocessors / Microcontrollers:
Motorola: 68HC12, HCS12 & Siemens: C166/C167, MPC555, ST7 / ST9, LPC Microcontrollers, TMS470, Infineon microcontrollers
  Operating Systems:
OSEK / VDX based OS; Motorola Metrowerks, Realogy RTA and Vector osCAN; FNOS and Linux
  Testing & Validation Tools:
Quality Assurance C (QAC) with MISRA & ISO, Rational Test RealTime (RTRT)
  Network Interface Tools:
Dearborn Group Gryphon / Hercules, Python, UNAT and Vector CANalyzer
Application Development Skills
  Vehicle Programming Standards:
VEPS,J2534 and RP1210
  Programming Technologies:
COM / DCOM, ActiveX, DDE, DOM( Document Object Model) and ODBC
  Operating Systems:
Windows, Linux, Win CE, QNX, Palm OS and EPOC
  Programming Languages:
C, C++, VC++, VB, .NET, Crystal Reports, Java, XML and Perl
  Design Skills:
Object Oriented design using UML
MS Access
IBM Desktop ,PC, Pocket PC, PDAs
Embedded Development tools
  In circuit Emulators:
Lauterbach Trace32 and Nohau’s Seehau
IAR Embedded Workbench, Cosmic and Tasking C166 Cross Compilers
  Embedded Modeling and Simulation Tools:
MATLAB and Simulink, LabVIEW 8.1
  Programming Languages:
C, Safer C, C++, assembly
  Programming Guidelines:
  What's New?
DE has signed distributor agreement with GEMAC mbh for the CAN Bus Tester in India
High Speed Diagnostics and Reprogramming tool (Garuda) available from DE
DE has launched Zeus - Generic Network Analysis Tool for Automotive Network Analysis.
DE has launched OPC SNMP server for management of Ethernet Switches.
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