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At DE, Culture is a journey and is reflected in the way we do our activities. DE provides a caring, fun, friendly and learning work culture.

The work place provides an environment conducive for doing innovative work. DE provides great freedom to do innovative work and work on challenging Projects. DE encourages innovation and provides opportunities for its employees to learn, share ideas, participate in conferences, seminars, become member of technical bodies and empower them to contribute.

It is not just work at DE, but there are ample recreation activities to refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind. Yoga and Meditation exercises are organized to help the employees to keep their mind and body in control and beat the stress generated. Apart from this, there are other indoor games to help employees to relax.

DE organizes get together outbound trips which brings everyone together and Have a fun time along with their families.

DE celebrates the birthdays of its employees. Annual day of DE is celebrated every year where the sports and cultural programs are carried out by the employees.

At DE, employees are empowered to feel the ownership and be themselves.

The Performance at DE takes the spot light and is the only difference maker. We have good measurement and incentive systems to encourage performance. Rewards, Promotions and growth opportunities are based on performance only. This applies to everyone in the company including the Managing Director. This is our unique no differentiation policy.

  What's New?
DE has signed distributor agreement with GEMAC mbh for the CAN Bus Tester in India
High Speed Diagnostics and Reprogramming tool (Garuda) available from DE
DE has launched Zeus - Generic Network Analysis Tool for Automotive Network Analysis.
DE has launched OPC SNMP server for management of Ethernet Switches.
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